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Seat Belts Save Lives

Mission Statement  

Provide efficient and timely emergency response for the purpose of preservation of life, property and environment from fire and other hazardous situations.

Provide public education and awareness about fire safety and related hazards.

Actively participate in the community to provide for the safety and well being of the people who live, work and visit in Haddonfield.

Provide emergency and non-emergency support services to the community and other public safety agencies.

Provide the members of the Haddon Fire Company No.1 with the highest quality of training and education.

Provide a safe and healthy environment to benefit the mental and physical well being of the members of the Haddon Fire Company No.1.

Haddon Fire Co. #1 Line Officers and Administrative Officers

Chief Sam Trotman

Asst Chief Tim Green
Captain Lou Frontino
Captain Jeff Mirabello,
Lieutenant Craig Jordan
Lieutenant Mike Miller
Lieutenant Brian Plodizyan
Lieutenant Brian Poliafico
Lieutenant Joe Walls
President Charlene Creed

Vice President Brian Poliafico
Secretary Connor Lovretin
Treasurer Kevin MacDonald
Trustee George Cox
Trustee Don Webb
Trustee Fred Rexon
Trustees Craig Maull


History -

   On March 8th, 1764, 26 men being among the chief owners of property and heads of families in the village, met in the Friends Meeting House, which at the time was located on the Ferry Road (now Haddon Avenue), and formed the Friendship Fire Company of Haddonfield. Each Member was required to furnish two leathern fire buckets and the Company supplied six ladders and fire hooks. Various fines for not keeping the equipment in proper shape or not attending meetings were instituted.

   In 1811 there was a reorganization, and the name changed to the "Fire Company of Haddonfield". Additional members joined and subscriptions were secured in order to obtain necessary equipment. On March 5, 1818, a hand pump engine was purchased from Perkins and Jones of Philadelphia at a cost of $300.00. On March 1, 1873, a suction pump was purchased from Harlan and Hollingsworth, Wilmington, Delaware for $169.72. Cisterns were dug in strategic locations for water supply.

   Meanwhile, a reorganization was necessary and on February 21, 1857, there came into being The Haddonfield Fire Department. This organization continued until January 13, 1887, when Haddon Fire Company No.1 was organized.

   The first apparatus was hand drawn, then came the horse drawn vehicle, and finally the motor vehicle. All fire fighting equipment has come a long way since the original organization of the Haddon Fire Company No.1. The apparatus is housed, and the company holds its meetings on the original site of the organization of the company. Haddon Fire Co. No.1 remains to be the second oldest volunteer fire company in continuous services in the United States.

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Who Are We?

Our membership consists volunteer men and women from virtually all professions, eg. Accountant,Real Estate, Painter, Banker, EMT,Police Officers, Paramedic, Salesman, Electrician, Investment Analyst, State and Federal Agents, Teacher, Mechanic, Borough Employee and Landscaper who serve and protect Haddonfield from the ravages of fire and other emergencies on a strictly volunteer basis. New members attend basic firefighter training at the Camden County Fire Academy, while all members receive regular continuing education through training exercises and drills that are conducted by company officers.

Pictures and names of our volunteer fire fighters.

How Busy Are We?

Each year Haddonfield firefighters answer approximately 500-600 fire alarms, which range from dwelling, vehicle, and brush fires to malfunctioning alarm system activations. Regardless of the type of problem reported, every alarm must be answered in the same expedient manner.

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What Equipment Do We Have?

Haddon Fire Co. No.1 operates one completely equipped Rescue/Pumper, 2 Fire Pumpers, and one 100-foot aerial ladder truck. In addition, Haddon Fire Co. No1 has an incident command vehicle, and a utility vehicle.

How Can I Volunteer?

Volunteer applications are being accepted. Please feel free to contact Joe Walls at (856) 429-4308 or stop by the firehouse at 15 Haddon Avenue Haddonfield,NJ for details.

How Are We Supported?

Each spring, our members conduct a door-to-door fund drive of the entire borough. Proceeds from this drive are used to purchase equipment such as mobile radios, pagers, company vehicles, and other emergency equipment. In addition, the drive allows funding for fire prevention activities and training for our firefighters. We have been fortunate that nearly all residents enthusiastically support our fund drive.

How Can I Learn More?

Simply by asking. Our members would be pleased to answer any questions with regard to our operations, general fire safety, becoming a volunteer, or the history of Haddon Fire Co. No.1.

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Upcoming Events

cpr image
Haddon Fire Company is now offering CPR certification to the public. Click here to register for CPR classes.

Click here to make a contribution to support Haddon Fire Company No. 1

Numbers to Know

Emergency Fire/Police/Ambulance:
Police Department
(856) 429.3000
Fire Department
(856) 429.4308
Borough Hall:
(856) 429.4700
Emergency Public Works:
(856) 429.3000

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